The source of own water in home and office

“Most harmful impurities contain tap water produced from surface water unclassified loaded so big load of industrial wastewater and municipal, that is not their able to remove any ordinary treatment process. For pure water, is used a great filter based on reverse osmosis. “

dr Zbigniew Hałat

“If you care about your health, please do not drink anything that is artificial. Certainly hurt, either quickly or slowly, and you will be patient allergist, neurologist, psychologist, ENT specialist, internist, and dermatologist. Consuming these drinks increases the income of producers and physicians, and decrease health of society. “ONLY CLEAN WATER!”

dr n. med. Danuta Myłek

“Development of modern analytical methods meant that the requirements for the quality of the treated water are growing, and conventional ways of treatment are not always able to satisfy us. Many consumers are used, so additional methods of water purification. One of the most effective is the method of reverse osmosis. “


dr Halina Podsiadły

“… The osmotic devices on the Polish market are available for more than 20 years. Reverse osmosis is currently the only effective technique for water purification. It is also friendly method, because through it we obtain water rich in mineral elements, and inexpensive method to use – for less than a penny a day since we have available to any amount of drinking water. “

Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Danielewicz

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