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Water treatment

What is the water treatment?

Water treatment is a process that involves improved water quality to such an extent that it can be used as desired. Treatment is nothing like restoring water qualities allowing its consumption or use. The primary purpose of water treatment is to remove the pathogenic organisms and to give appropriate flavor. Water treatment is a process, during which, by means of the various instruments is increased, the water quality.
This means that the process must be adapted to individual needs, and will look different depending on your needs, whether the water will be used in industry or in the household, in particular, as drinking water.

What is the process of filtering water?

The process of filtering the water in all the devices is to achieve a very high water quality.Water treatment ensures perfect quality drinking water.
The first stage of water treatment is the pre-filtering, otherwise known as the mechanical filtration, using mechanical filters.
Mechanical filtration is intended to remove from the water any suspensions and solids; thus protects the rest of the installation and other water treatment facilities against mechanical damage and silting. Filtration accuracy achieved is up to approx. 0.1 mm. If you want to make a more thorough filtration is necessary to use membrane techniques.

Methods of the water treatment.

One way of filtration are available on the Polish market is a reverse osmosis membrane with a built-osmotic. It is the most common method of water treatment. It is effective in eliminating or substantially reducing a very wide range of impurities. Reverse osmosis water removes particles as small as individual ions. The holes in the osmotic membrane having a size of approx. 0.0005 microns (bacteria have a size of from 0.2 to 1 micron, and viruses from 0.02 to 0.4 microns).
Water containing chemicals that could not be removed on a mechanical filter and a carbon fills the entire volume of the support mesh and slowly flows along the osmotic membrane. A process of reverse osmosis and millions of individual water molecules penetrate to the other side of the membrane to the acquisition layer. By membrane they penetrate the mineral elements.

Membrana  Osmotyczna

The water treatment methods include removal of iron and manganese removal also water.
Deferrization involves removing the excessive amounts of iron. The process comes to performing the dissolved iron compounds in the form of sparingly soluble. This is done by aeration devices – deferrization. Then, after the adjustment of pH, the water is filtered on a bed.
The same technology is used in the demagnetization water, or removal of manganese compounds.
For these processes we use water treatment plants with a bed, which is responsible for water softening, removal of iron and manganese
Our systems and treatment stations to apply wherever it is necessary to clean water, free of harmful substances, namely: households, businesses catering and many other places.

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